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Motorized Zone Dampers The main purpose of a motorized zone damper is to regulate the airflow in an HVAC heating or cooling system. HVAC systems are often times divided up into multiple zones to further allow more control of cold and hot spots. The other aspect of a zoned heating system is the thermostat.

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The one of a kind UT-3000 Zone Control System provides intelligent control of a communicating HVAC system or 24volt legacy HVAC system at a maximum of three zones using 24volt motorized dampers and any off-the-shelf 24volt thermostat or compatible communicating thermostat. UT-3000

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13. At each register attach a pneumatic damper to the end of each length of tubing. 14. Disconnect the suction fan, flexible duct and male fitting from the furnace. Seal the hole with a piece of sheet metal. 15. Mount a manifold to the wall beside the furnace and then connect the ends air tubing ends to the ports on the manifold. 16.

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Model: SPS The SPS is an economical control for a modulating damper to control by-pass air. Preset at 0.2″ WC and 0.3″ WC, the SPS truly modulates the RDM/ZDM dampers to maintain the system static below 0.3″ WC. SPS Installation & Specs

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ZONEFIRST is the first company that successfully developed and marketed HVAC Zoning Systems back in the 1950's and is today a leading manufacturer of HVAC zone dampers and zoning systems. Several other major zoning companies are in business due to ZONEFIRST.


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