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YB. Recording Artist @boldrecords • NEW VIDEO🔥⤵️ bit.ly/wethearmy. Ещё публикации от yb.official.

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Ytterbium is a chemical element with the symbol Yb and atomic number 70. It is the fourteenth and penultimate element in the lanthanide series...

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YB, Orlando, Florida. 3,139 likes · 20 talking about this. Bold Records Recording Artist. YB is originally from Pine Bluff, AR, but has spent most of his life on the road, not quite belongin...

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Yb-169 is also used in the medical field where it has been proposed as an alternative for I-125 and Pd-103 in the treatment of prostate cancer while it is also used for diagnostics in the gastrointestinal tract.

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Lukas "yb" Gröning is a German professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coach and former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He is known for being the player/coach of OpTic India when Forsaken was found cheating at EXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2018. As Player.


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