Wq - Что Такое В Англо-русском Словаре По Машиностроению

Что такое WQ? сокр. от water quenchingзакалка в воде. WQ. сокр. от water quenching. закалка в воде.

This global leader wants to know: What's your WQ? ‹ We are EF

What is WQ exactly, and how can we cultivate it? Johan gives us tips and shares insights from his WQ reflects the ability to understand the world and the people in it, regardless of cultures, borders, or...

What does :wq stand for in Vim? - Stack Overflow

Some of Vim's command names are obtuse to me and seem to have multiple aliases. It's easier for me to remember things if I know the reason they are used so... What does :wq stand for, if anything?


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