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Sy is a given name, nickname/hypocorism (often of Seymour) and surname which may refer to: Surname with origins in two different towns: Sy Gemeinde Ferrières Belgium. Sy Département Ardennes France. Sy Stevens.

The Sy interface - between PCRF and OCS | LTE AND BEYOND

The Sy reference point is defined between the PCRF and the OCS. Big picture of the relationships If there is no Sy session and the SL-Request-Type AVP is set to INITIAL_REQUEST, an Sy session is...

Diameter Sy Protocol Support

This chapter lists the Diameter Sy commands and AVPs that Oracle Communications Policy Controller (Policy Controller) supports for communication with an Online Charging System (OCS).

Sy - definition of sy by The Free Dictionary

Define sy. sy synonyms, sy pronunciation, sy translation, English dictionary definition of sy. the internet domain name for Syrian Arab Republic abbreviation for Seychelles Collins English Dictionary...

Urban Dictionary: sy

SY. "syrian jew"; a jewish person of jewish syrian descent. the large syrian Sy. Probably some kid who watches weird tv shows that no one else does and probably had a very heartbreaking experience...

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