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co (plural cos). (slang) Clipping of company. co., Co, Co. (US) enPR: kō, IPA(key): /koʊ/. co (third-person singular, gender-neutral, reflexive coself). (nonstandard) they (singular). Gender-neutral subject pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns he and she.

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CO. Los Angeles based line of luxury essentials. co-collections.com. Публикации.

Co | Definition of Co at Dictionary.com

Co definition, cobalt. See more. The prefix co- now productively forms new words from bases beginning with any sound (co-conspirator; co-manage; coseismic), sometimes with the derived sense...

Co- - definition of co- by The Free Dictionary

co-. var. of com- before a vowel, h, and gn: coalesce; cohere; cognate. The prefix co-, with the sense "joint, jointly," now forms new words from bases beginning with any sound (cochair; cogeneration...

Co | Definition of Co by Merriam-Webster

How to use co in a sentence. Definition of co- (Entry 5 of 5). 1 : with : together : joint : jointly coexist coheir. 2 : in or to the same degree coextensive.

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